I love the creative freedom of using mixed media to produce abstract and semi abstract work. I greatly enjoy the experimental side of not knowing what's going to happen, the spontaneity of result and being able to get my hands very dirty! 

 As a textile designer it is normal to produce artwork in many different forms using different techniques. I have always been interested in history, fine art & antiques and much of what history has produced is highly representative & decorative. This interests me and I enjoy working in an intricate & detailed way as much as I do when working freely.

I've been an avid amateur photographer since I can remember. At college many hours were spent in the dark room developing images to work from. Nowadays my phone camera is my friend and I capture images continuously wherever I am.

I originally started at college doing designs for printed textiles & learned to silk screen print. At the same time I learned to weave using Dobby & Jacquard looms. Inevitably I combined the two and became fascinated by warp printing taking it through to a research degree. I continue to love the diversity of textiles & surface pattern, and the wonderful colours that surround us every day are awe inspiring!

I first did life drawing at college and in the past few years have had the opportunity to continue with it again. I enjoy the challenge of trying to make my figures look like they are representative of the human form rather than an alien being from another planet! As a talented fellow artist said to me recently of their own work "I must try to be better!" A sentiment that drives me too!

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